Frequently asked questions:

 Is this game free?  Yup, Run 2 is a completely free online game.
 What is an unblocked version of the game?  Unblocked mode simply means that this game can be played from any location. From school, from office work and other restricted areas.
 Do I have to install anything to play it?  Not at all, just visit our site and if browser aks to give permission to run the flash file click allow, that is all.
 Do you have a community?  Run 2 is a very popular online game, millions of people play it on a daily basis and yes, we do have a friendly community where we share our gaming experience.
 What challenges are there in the game?  Well, first of all, there are various levels, each level is harder than the previous one, game speed is increased, traps appear more often, etc. After finishing all levels you will have the opportunity to unlock new worlds and new game modes.
 Where can I learn more about this game?  On our front page, we have a detailed guide, you can also visit our ‘about‘ page for additional details.
 Can I contact you?  Yes, of course, you can, just use our contact form and we will answer asap. You can also post your questions in the comments section.
 I have no idea how to control my character…  Look at the right side of our blog page, there you will see a widget with a screenshot that explains all controls and buttons of the game. Keep in mind that if you find these controls uncomfortable you can always change keys from the game menu.
 I want to learn about site rules.  Our rules are pretty simple and oriented on building a respectful and positive gaming community. Additional details can be found here.
 Any YouTube guides?  There are tons of online guides for Run 2, one of the videos is even listed on our front page. However, my personal favorite video guide is this.